Monday, 30 October 2017

My kindness calander

This is my kindness calander me and my freind muddassir made. It was very fun to make I hope you like it. if you have any questions coment down bello. I defenitly recomed doing this . We did this go google drawings. We did this  to promote kindness. I think you should make your owen kindness calender it will be fun.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

My holidays were AWESOME

I had a good time using storybourd and think it is a great way to tell your holiday. it is my first time using story bourd  but it was good I will defenitly use storybourd again.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Dawali celebration

Dawali is the celebration of lights it represents a new year and it is  indias bigest celebration.

In india when it is dawali they get a two week holiday.

dawali is celebrated all around the world in placese like India,Fiji,tabaggo, and many more.

Dawali lasts 5 days.

On dawali people like to get mendi on there hands to look even more wonderfull.

Dawali celebrates the retern of rama and sita.

 Today we got visited by some idian dancers they told us lots of interesting facts and and the most colorfull cloths iv'e ever seen. i wish we got a two week holiday in Auckland i think dawali is a great idea and will celebrate it at home. Here is a link to the dawali story: Dawali Fun fact the bells they have on there feet for one is seven kgs and the normal sari is nine meaters long.