Thursday, 1 March 2018

Buddy class

Today we did our first ever 2018 buddy class with room ten. We had a great time reading to each other. My buddy is a great reader and he really enjoyed me reading to him. I like buddy class I can't wait to have the next one.

Meeting the warriors

Today we had to go to an assembly but it wasn't any old assembly it was an assembly that included two of the New Zealand Warriors. The Warriors talked to us about sleep, hydration and beloging. They gave out lots of prizes to kids who anserded correct in each section (sleep, hydration and beloging). The two warriors where Jazz and Kenny they looked very fit. there were two teams called Jazz and Kenny each team would have to shout super loud, the loudest team would get chosen and one person would get to anser a question to win a prize. I like the Warriors lots now there my favourite.