Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Ant inqury

This week we have writing reports on any animal we choose. I have decided to do it on ants. I have learnt alot of cool facts. I really enjoed it you should try it too!

Here is my learning:

Monday, 25 June 2018

Matariki forecast

We had to make pridictions for the maori new year here are my pridictions:

Matariki inqury

This week we have been learning about Matariki. I learnt tons of interesting facts. 

Here is my inqury about matariki:

Bee proactive DLO

This is my Bee proactive D.L.O. I learnt alot of interesting bee facts. I worked really  hard on it. Hope you like it!

Here is my work:

invertebrates and vertebrates

This is my invertebraet and vertebrate inqury I worked very had on it and I hope you like it!

Here is my work:

Friday, 22 June 2018

Maori fry bread

Today we made Maori fry bread it was super easy. We made it for our buddy class. Our class made it because it is tradition to share it with others and because it is Matariki.  It is simple and there are only five steps. The steps were . . . 

  • Mix water and self raising flour into a dough
  • put the flour on to the table and knead the dough
  • flatten the dough
  • cut the dough into squares
  • fry the dough in oil
Now you are done! 
I really enjoyed the bread and I hope we have a chance to make it again!

Friday, 15 June 2018

Bigfoot Bikes

This week we had a visit from Bigfoot Bikes. They came to teach us about bike saftey. I really enjoyed our sesion on the bikes, I learnt a lot of interesting facts. One of the facts I learnt was that if you are riding on the road you have to be 1 metre away from the curb. We are making a presentation about Bigfoot Bikes so watch out for them they're almost done!

 I really enjoyed it and hope they come again!

Here is some Photos:

Learning how to put a helmet on

Trying out the bikes

Friday, 1 June 2018

Bee week

This week we have been learning about bees, in Room25 we learnt lots of interesting facts. we did lost of bee work like art and D.L.Os. I have learnt so much during bee week and I hope it will hapen again.
Image result for cartoon bee

Body parts in Maori

Today in Room25 we learnt the Maori body parts. First we learnt head shoulders knees and toes in Maori. Next we had to put all the lables of Maori body parts on the corect part of the person body. I found this a little difecult becasuse some words I did not know but it helped when our teacher showed use a Maori dictianary we could use. over all it was a fun activaty. you shoud do it in your class

Buddy class

Last week on Friday we went to Room 22 to teach them how to make an animation. I was buddied up with Ved, we had a wonderful time making a snail animation. 
I really enjoyed my self and would love to go again.

Here is our work: