Friday, 28 September 2018

Maths Gameboard

This term me and my class have been woking on math game boards to share. I really enjoyed making mine and hope we do it again next term.

Here is my work:

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Fibonacci Spiral Art

This term, me and my class have been learning about the Fibonacci rule, it was hard but we did it, we can do it now. 

Can you do it too?
1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55

Here is my spiral turned into art: 

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Meeting Tigilau Ness

Today a character  from the book dawn raids book came to visit us. The character was Tigilau Ness.

 Tigilau is a Polinistion Panther,  the  Polinistion Panthers are a group that supports peoples rights.  They go around helping people that were dawn raided and do other helpful things like hoseting homework clubs. 

Tigilau tought us lots of interesting things like that he got expeled from school because he did not cut his hair. he also told us he whent to prison for nine months for protesting.

He did some songs with us too

I really enjoyed our experience and I hope he might come again

 Digby and Frankie welcoming Tigilau

Tigilau telling us his story

Tigilau teaching us a song