Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Last blogpost

This year has been very fun when doing blogposts, I have enjoyed doing lots of sports this year because it makes me feel good. Using by blog has been good tool to share all the learning I have done. My favourite activity was the football tournemant because football is my favourite sport. It will be very sad on the last day of school but i'm sure it will be a good day. I am very exited to move on to intermedeate but I still will be very sad.
I will miss my year 5 freainds but I am sure I will see them again.

 I hope St Peters will be just as great as Owairaka!

Monday, 10 December 2018

Kauri Bigsplash

Last week friday was a special day we had Kauri Bigsplash.  We did tons of races and won heaps of awards. 
I did Freestyle, Noodle Tow, Class relay and Whole class relay.

Here are some Photos:

Me Coming first place!

Clarie Bringing it home!

Frankie getting the win!