Thursday, 28 September 2017

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My high flying Girsffies writing

Ok i’m getting in line, this is gonna be sooooooo cool. (Splash) woo hoo i'm so wet I want to do  do this again… ( 5 hours later) i hope it's my turn soon (10 hours later) oh yes finally lets doo.. Ahhhhhh splash i was not ready for that but that was still so cool. Ok i think everybody has had a go let's have a drink oh this tastes like chlorine  i'm gonna go home. Bye bye.

If i was priminister

If I was prime Image result for vote for meminister…

  1. I would help the homeless find a home because  it is real sad to see people with no home.

  1. I would increase the playtime at school because play helps us in our social lives and it gets us fit.

  1. I would stop people using so much plastic because it is causing global warming.

  1. I would make more places for people to go if there homeless.

  1. More medical centres for the sick that can't afford to go to the doctors

This is my speech

Imagine sleeping on the cold hard ground outside a shop that probably doesn't even want you there? Imagine getting rained on at least once a week. Imagine seeing people walking across the road just to avoid passing you.  This is why this has to stop. My name is Phillip and
my speech will be about what the consequences are of being homeless and how we can help.

I strongly believe
it is important to have homeless shelters
Because the homeless need a place to stay for a while. The shelters
are a good but…
In some ways they are bad because,
They need a place to stay there but
not everybody can stay at the same home like a big family
In a small house on a rainy day.
Some people are aggressive and wouldn't do very well
In a shelter.

I really think
There are so many things we could do to help
like going to the supermarket and
getting a toothbrush and toothpaste, donate a gold coin, get them a
Bottle of water maybe even give them  an old blanket.
Those are just some of the ideas for things you
You could give them.

It is real sad to see a family sitting on the cold hard
ground asking for money. Did you know that
If you are homeless you will probably die
20 years earlier than if you had a home
And your health won't be as good as
If you had a home.

most patients in new zealand were released from mental
Hospitals in the 1950s, yet vast incomes and
Housing options for those living on the margins
Began to diminish rapidly and the that's just one of the reasons
People are homeless.

It is very hard to tell how many people are homeless because some people are hidden.
Did you know that if you living at your friend's house you are considered homeless?

We need to start thinking about others and were there sleeping tonight.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Sicience extravaganza

Mindcraft the musical

Mindcraft collage.jpgIt was kauri teams turn to do a production I present to you mindcraft the musical By kauri team at Owairaka district school Written by Rachel Sutherland. In association with '" . Firstly we were split into groups like choir,props,markting,cast and a few others.  I was in costumes making the block heads and was also a zombie child in the play. My favourite costume we made was the ender dragon who was the bad guy.  The people in the play were The ender dragon,the three witches,The iron golem,The guards,alex,scratch, marian, the zombie children,marian,the mum ,the dad, creepers and hostile mobs. The only thing I think i could have done was i could have sung louder. The play was about a family that are addicted to  their devices then joe who listen to Dj dragon got a message that said click to meet your master  He clicks then they get sucked into minecraft throw their tv then have to defeat the evil enderdragon to escape.
Written by Rachel Sutherland. In association with '"