Friday, 30 November 2018

My visual description

This week in class we had to draw the image we saw from a piece of writing. We were learning to write to describe. 

Here is my learning:

My head is a medium sized circle. There is a little circle in my head to the left. For my beak there is a small triangle to the left of my head. My body is a half circle that is bigger than my head. At the back of my body I have a wave shaped tail with the point up. Like a half crescent moon.

Can you draw and guess what animal is ?


  1. Hi Phillip
    Tuki from Room 8 here, I really like the way you described your animal and I think that your animal is a peacock.

    Blog Ya Later

  2. Hi Tuki
    It's Phillip here, thankyou for your comment. I really appretiate it.
    My animal is not a Peacock but it is a bird.

    Can you figure it out?
    Blog Ya Later


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