Friday, 28 September 2018

Maths Gameboard

This term me and my class have been woking on math game boards to share. I really enjoyed making mine and hope we do it again next term.

Here is my work:


  1. Hi Phillip Its me Jack From RM7. I liked the game you made. I drawed it on a paper and did your game. It was really fun keep up the good work Phillip and make more so I can Play it.

  2. Hi Jack, thanks for commenting on my blog, I really appretiate it. Did you put your gameboard on your blog? I agree it was really fun!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  3. Hi Phillip. My name is Luka I am a student in room 8. I really like your board game it looks really fun and you probably worked really hard on it. I personally think that its really cool to have maths equations instead of gaming and other useless information.
    If you would like to see my learning please go to
    Blog ya later!
    From Luka

  4. Hi Luka thankyou for commmenting on my blog I really appreciate it. Your right I did work hard. I bet you work hard on on your things too.

    Thanks for checking out my blog.
    Blog Ya Later
    From Phillip


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